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Word Mahjong, the mingling of the contemporary with the old. This new innovative game will certainly test your smarts and instinctive vocabulary whilst at the same time being an entertaining manner of game play. Word Mahjong essentially layers the practice of constructing words over the traditional time veiled game of Mahjong. The building blocks of this inventive modernization were gathered from the well-known game of Mahjong, which has long been an activity, engrained into humanity. It is alleged to have originated a couple thousand years ago, in the oriental court of King Wu, this blatantly shows this games ability to enchant the masses even after years of time has passed on by. The prevailing component of chance that was embedded in the original Mahjong is diminished in this variation. Word Mahjong, essentially requires the players to apply there intellect in forming words out of typical Mahjong formations of tiles ergo the game has a palpable learning element to it. These tiles have letters situated on them, and it is your task to form various legitimate words, in the overall aim of the game being to get rid of all the tiles on the playing field.

Be it you are a skilful old hand to the game of Mahjong and want an exciting new innovative challenge, or perhaps an ardent scrabble player who finds satisfaction in the art of making words. It could even be you are a novice to both elements of word Mahjong, whatever your prior knowledge may be this particular innovation is suitable for all skill levels. So are you ready for this exciting word building encounter?

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